What are weekend loans?

These loans are short term loans given to those borrowers who are in need of extra cash help for their emergency expenses during a weekend.

How can this site help me?

We are not a direct lender but we connect you with the lenders that can match your loan requirements. We usually offer comparison tools for you to pick the right choice.

How can I qualify for such loans?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age and a permanent citizen of Australia can apply. In addition, he should have a reliable source of income and an active bank account for online transfers.

How can I apply for the loan?

You need to first register with us and we will pass on your details to appropriate lenders.

Do I have to pledge any collateral?

No, as these loans are for a short time span and do not require any of your personal assets as guarantee. The loan itself is secured against your next paycheque.

Does the lender charges any kind of processing fee?

Yes you may have to pay a minimal amount of application fee and other fee while applying for the loan.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow a maximum amount of A$1000 for your small needs during weekend.

Where will I receive this amount?

The borrowed amount will be transferred directly to your checking account after the approval.

What is the term of the loan?

The term period given for this loan ranges from 14-31 days and you are generally expected to pay off on your next payday.

What if due to some reason there is delay in repayment?

In case of any delay you can incur a good amount of penalty charges that may add up to your credit score.

Is it safe way to apply for funds online?

Yes, it's absolutely safe and secure method to gain funds during your troubled time. We use latest encryption technology to protect your information.

What if I want to know more about your services?

You can contact us at Loans In Weekend for any further information at any time of the day.

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